Fast Delivery - Very fast delivery and very good product for me! Excellent!!

KaHong Kong

Wonderful sex life - Hamer Candy gives me a wonderful sex life!

RayHong Kong

Boss - Hamer Candy is wonderful , I love it

Tony Nguyen United States

Boost to the Libido - Great product! Highly recommended. Definitely a boost to the libido!


Wonderful Product - Hamer is a wonderful product and it helps me a lot especially during long working hours. Keeps me alert and energetic. Many of my friends whom I introduced Hamer to have similar experiences too. Would recommend to everyone.

Borith CheaAustralia

Great Product Fast Delivery - I find that Hamer is a great product and I recommend to anyone to try it. Online Hamer Candy Store do give a good service in their delivery, its really fast. Takes only 2 days to reach me in US.

L. SoungUSA

Shipping is neat & fast - Great product!! Provides consistent energy during the day and night. Shipping is neat & fast.


Will Order Again - Very useful to me, some friends tried with good result too! Definitely will order again (the third time order).

Peter L.Hong Kong

At 60 my Body is always Ready, Never let me down - I am 60 years old and Hamer candy has brought me more pleasure enhancing my libido. I saw a big difference after I started to take Hamer candy. My body is always ready and never let me down. Also the delivery service is very efficient and I never had a problem.

Gilles BThailand

More Energetic than before - After taking the candy, I feel have more energetic than before. I also feel great! Of course, I’m definitely buying more Hamer Candies and will recommend it to my friends and my relatives.


Gives me the “Hardness” like when young - I had great results with Hamer Candy. It gives me the “hardness” that reminded me of the young age. Fantastic product!


Wonderful product, must have - I love Hamer Candy very much as it gives me so much energy. The delivery is very fast, take only 1 day to reach me.

Johnny ChongHong Kong

Hamer is the best thing I’ve ever had - Hamer Candy is the best thing I’ve ever had, makes me feel so energetic and alive. Gives me great vitality too. Excellent!


One Hamer Candy can last me 2 days - When I take 1 Hamer Candy, it lasts me 2 days. It really makes me feel great. Really good product.


RESPONSIVE SELLER!! - Very responsive seller, clear my doubts timely, will be looking forward to more repeat orders!!


Last for 3 days - This amazing candy gives a boost to my libido and stay effective for 3 days. Love it!

A HoangUSA

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