Standard Box


  • Each 3-Piece Pack consists of 3 pieces candy.
  • Box dimensions approximately 7.4 cm(L) x 2.2 cm(H) x 3.8 cm(W).
  • Weight .02 kg.
  • Minimum order is 1 dozen (12 boxes 3-Piece Packs) housed in a clear plastic box.
  • Box dimensions approximately 23.4 cm(L) x 4.6 cm(H) x 7.6 cm(W).
  • Weight approximately 0.28 kg.
Special Notes:

  • Small, compact and extremely light to bring along anywhere. You won’t feel a thing when carrying it.
  • In its 1 Dozen packing, it really looks ELEGANT and STYLISH.
  • A must-have especially on short trips on weekends and “emergency” situations.
  • Also timely when required to distribute as samples to your prospective clients.
  • For dealers, it’s very practical when catering for the demanding and budget conscious customers
Standard Box


  • Each Trial Pack consists of 10 pieces candy.
  • Box dimensions approximately 11.8 cm(L) x 2.3 cm(H) x 7.2 cm(W).
  • Weight approximately 0.08 kg.
Special Notes:

  • Classy and stylish packing.
  • Great to have it with you on longer trips to boost you up in all ways.
  • Can serve as samples for serious clients who have a taste of Hamer power plus they can share with their friends.
  • A must-have for serious dealers.
Standard Box


  • Each Standard Box consists of 30 pieces candy.
  • Box dimensions approximately 13.4 cm(L) x 4.4 cm(H) x 8.4 cm(W).
  • Weight approximately 0.150 kg.
Special Notes:

  • Classic packing for connoisseurs of Hamer.
  • Each box will last at least a month depending on one’s expectations and demands.
  • Many say a Standard Box is a Gentlemen’s perfect companion.
Standard Box


  • Each Standard Carton consists of 27 Standard Boxes of candies.
  • Carton dimensions approximately 43.0 cm(L) x 17.0 cm(H) x 28.0 cm(W).
  • Weight approximately 4.6 kg.
Special Notes:

  • If one is serious in dealing with Hamer Candy, this would be the packing of his choice.
  • This packing offers the best COSTING ever.
  • Best choice for heavyweights in Hamer Candy business or a group of Hamer connoisseurs looking for the best bargain.


  • Each Standard Carton Combo consists of:
  • 15 Standard Boxes.
  • 15 Trial Packs.
  • 4 Dozen 3-Piece Packs.
  • Carton dimensions approximately 43.0 cm(L) x 17.0 cm(H) x 28.0 cm(W).
  • Weight approximately 5.0 kg.
Special Notes:

  • Best suited for dealers who are looking for FLEXIBILITY in catering for their clients’ needs.
  • This packing combination is ONE-OF-ITS-KIND in the world of Hamer combining all benefits described above.

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