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HamerGuard® was introduced to verify the authenticity of the Hamer Candy they bought. It works on the principle of having each box of Hamer Candy being tagged with a unique 28-digit serial number that can be verified via our app that everyone can download from Google Play Store.

We have been tagging our products for the past several months and their serial numbers have been verified and updated in our servers. The following will describe the process of installation and using HamerGuard®.

We need this sort of verification system because fakes as of today looks very much like the original, despite the manufacturers using laser anti-fake labels, this does not deter counterfeiters at all.

We are temporarily housing the HamerGuard® in the above app while anticipating the arrival of our 2nd Generation World #1 Online Hamer Candy Store soon.

How to install HamerGuard

Hamer Candy

Go to Play Store and search for “Hamer Candy”.

Hamer Candy App

Onnce you find it, install it into your mobile device.

Hamer Candy Delivery

In the app menu, you’ll find the selection called “HamerGuard”.

Hamer Candy

Once selected you’ll be asked to register if it’s your first time.

Hamer Candy

Once registered, you can then verify the Hamer Candy that you have bought by scanning the QR code that’s on the box. Those with QR codes are original products direct from Hamer Candy Store. Upon scanning, it’ll produce two results. a Its authentic and original from us.


b It’s from unknown origin. There’s possibility it’s fake

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