Hamer Candy Packing Updates

By October 31, 2019 No Comments

We’re sharing this in an effort to clear misconceptions and doubts on the authenthicity of Hamer Candy that’s available in the market today:

  1. Today original Hamer Candy comes in the form of 36pcs in a single box, has been like this since Apr 2019. This is a Anniversary promotional offer while stock last. We will update here again when factory resumes the original 30pcs packing.
  2. All 30pc packing in a single box that exist in the market since April 2019 are fakes.
  3. This is how the latest original 10th Anniversary packing looks like. It has been available fom Apr 2019 till today while stocks last (see video below).
  4. All other packing designs are no longer available in the market. Plus there are no other versions or generations of Hamer Candy. There’s only 1 and the video below shows it clearly.
  5. Please take note of the packing design and the 10th Anniversary sticker on the box.
  6. The factory that manufacture original Hamer Candy is located in Thailand and is the ONLY Hamer Candy manufacturing originals in the world.
  7. Any other factories located elsewhere (especially in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc) are manufacturing fakes.
  8. THE ONLY WAY to confirm Hamer Candy is ORIGINAL is to buy those with HamerGuard with QR code verification feature that can be tested via our APKs for Android and IOS.
  9. Those without HamerGuard, remains UNKNOWN.

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