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It is amazing that during these trying times of the COVID 19 pandemic that certain unscrupulous people decided to create and distribute some videos warning the public about the harm arising from Hamer Candy. Below are some of facts that have been overlooked:

  • Look at the Hamer Box design. This packing design are no longer in use since MORE THAN 2 YEARS AGO. The manufacturer of original Hamer Candy have changed the packing designs 3 times since this packing. How can it still exist today?
  • The biggest manufacturers of fake Hamer are from Malaysia and Vietnam; and biggest importer of fake Hamer is China.
  • The world’s only manufacturer of original Hamer Candy is in Thailand, and have been so for more than 10 years.
  • The video claims people have died taking the candy but is unable to show facts and proof of such happenings.
  • The people who created the videos didn’t even identify themselves. Isn’t this strange? Anybody can create and spread such propaganda for their own motives.
  • Prices of fakes are less than half or originals. That’s why demand is very high.
  • HamerGuard® shall remain as the standard authentication feature in this packing, and all smaller packing that are available in HamerWorld.com.

令人惊讶的是,在COVID 19疫情管制令期间,某些不道德的人制作并分发一些视频,警告公众有关Hamer Candy造成的危害。以下是一些被忽略的事实:

  • 看看以下Hamer Box的设计:自两年多以来,这种包装设计已不再使用。原厂Hamer Candy的制造商已对包装设计进行了3次更改,为何更改? 就是二厂(二厂货就是假货)货的出现,视频上的包装全部都是二厂货的包装。
  • 最大假冒厂制造商来自马来西亚和越南。而假冒厂最大的进口是中国和越南。
  • 世界上唯一的原始Hamer Candy制造商在泰国,并且已经有10多年的历史了。
  • 该视频声称人们死于服用糖果而丧生,但无法显示事实和证据。
  • 制作视频的人甚至都不敢证明自己。这不是很奇怪吗?任何人都可以制作这种自己想要的动机创建传播宣传。
  • 假货(二厂货)的价格比正品便宜一半以下,所以需求很高。
  • HamerGuard® 就是保障咱们家是原厂货。可以登入HamerWorld.com 里面有多种包装选择。
  • 便宜没正品,正品没便宜。坚持 购买原品。



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