Beware of Fake Hamer Candy

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Potential side effects of taking FAKE Hamer Candy (symptoms may differ with different individuals):

  • Within less than 1 hour of consuming, we will observe a blue tinge when seeing things under fluorescent lighting.
  • Severe headache.
  • Long term consumption of fake Hamer will result in bodily harm especially to our liver and kidneys.



The one on the Left or the one on the Right? (Read the latest development of Fakes inside…)

Fakes have been reported in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Macau and China. Unscrupulous manufacturers and dealers are transacting hundreds and thousands of cartons every month. At your expense.



These unscrupulous manufacturers produced imitation products and branded it mostly under the name of Hamer Candy. In order to emulate the genuine effectiveness of Hamer they resorted to adding “active ingredients (which are basically drugs)” to simulate such effects.

Depending on the composition and quantity of such “active ingredients” consumers would experience little or no effects; or with adverse reactions which would be at their own risk.


These fake products have gone through an evolutionary progress that happened so fast that now these fakes look 99% like the originals. Therefore now it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between the fakes and the original. The fake on the left has the same design, color tone and size as the original.

However theystill haven’t done a good job yet because if you look at the picture on the right you’ll notice the inner linings of the wrappers are different.

Furthermore the wrappers of the fakes are bigger and stiffer in quality than the originals. This is the reason why 30 candies in the fake box is very tightly packed, whereas those of the original is comfortably packed. This is the easiest way to spot a Standard Box of fake.

Wrapper length is the same.

The pic shows the size comparison of the wrappers, we removed the candies and flattened the wrappers before taking picture to illustrate a more accurate comparison (that’s the reason why the wrappers appear torn).

But Fake wrapper is WIDER than that of Original.

This pic shows that the wrapper for the fake is WIDER that that of the original.

Fake candy flattened on one side, Original is convex on both sides.

The shape of the candy is also somewhat different.

We will update more on fakes as and when there’s more information.


This prompted us to use laser imprinted security stickers with serial numbers in the hope to fight off fakes. This is currently the last packing design for Hamer Candy.



LATEST DEVELOPMENT ON FAKES (as of 4th November 2018)

As predicted, fake manufacturers have really improved themselves tremendously. They have managed to reproduce the Laser Security stickers that’s currently used by originals (and who say these stickers are fool-proof?).

Notice the square laser security sticker. Size is smaller for Fakes.

Font for Batch Number and expiry date is bigger for Fake.


Shape of candy for Fake still flat on one side and convex on the other.

As you can see, their masterpiece are not really perfect yet. But they will catch on soon until it’ll be extremely difficult for us to tell the difference.

The following are some of the feedback from customers:

    1. Very cheap, usually cost much less than 80% or original price.
    2. Not as effective as the original Hamer Candy, at times usual dosage is not effective at all and have to take more.
    3. Some felt adverse effects especially headache and is more severe than that of taking original Hamer Candy.

However since these fake products are getting to look so much like originals, the only way to know is to buy one and try. That’s when one will discover if that’s a fake.

Fight Fakes

Feedback from other dealers who are fully aware that they are selling fakes is that they have no regards for how fake Hamer Candy affects consumers because most times they only do one-off deals. They only want to make the profit and recover their investments.

We would advise that you only buy Hamer Candy from trusted, established and reputable sources who have been in the business for long time. Many dealers have sprung up overnight offering fantastically cheap prices for Hamer Candy. And in most times, they disappear as fast as they emerged. Short-termed businesses don’t last long. Proven.




We have introduced HamerGuard® to ensure all our clients continue to enjoy authentic and original Hamer Candy.

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